The website is dedicated to sharing theological articles for the purpose of encouragement and enlightenment. Blair Laird specializes in Systematic Theology, Classical Apologetics, and Antiochan Hermeneutics. Pastor  Blair Laird holds Christian discipleship classes in Kingman, Arizona at Kingman Christian Church. The current discipleship class is training Christians in Antiochan Hermeneutics. Up and coming class will be on Classical Apologetics. If you are in Kingman Arizona please join Blair Laird at Kingman Christian Church and take part in our Christian Discipleship Classes.   If you are looking for specific material dealing with theology that you do not see here please connect with us through social media Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and let us know what you are looking for. If you are looking to engage in discussion about Protestant and Catholic Theology join our Protestant and Catholic discussion group.

If you are a protestant and looking for discussion with other protestants you can join our Protestant Theological Discussion Group.

For those who are interested in evangelism to Muslims please visit the Christian and Islam Discussion group.

Last but not least if you are interested in apologetics, join our Christian Apologetic Discussion Group

Pastor Blair is non-denominational and committed to the inspiration of the scripture. Blair believes Christian discipleship is important. As a result of this Blair Laird dedicated his life to disciplining the church  Christian Theology, Apologetics, Irenics, Eschatology, Soteriology and much more. Divinesoteriology Ministries is Blair’s forum. The forum was designed to discuss theology in an online setting. God, this blog, and the forum have helped Pastor Blair Laird reach many people wanting to dig deeper into the word.

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